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Junk Car Removal

junk car removal

We accept any vehicle, running or not (cars, vans, trucks, motorcyles, boats, and the like). We do not care whether the car is running or not as long as it still has salvage value as scrap. If it is not running, it will be appraised based on salvage or scrap value.

We will be happy to accept cars that fail the emission test. If you donate such cars, you will keep the environment free from harmful emission. Such cars will be reconditioned if possible. Otherwise, they will be re-cycled for parts or steel. Both actions promote cleaner and better environment.

Thanks to our junk car removal, we have been recognized for convenience. Our junk yard speaks for itself. When you think of a car dealer, we know that Yakov and Sons Cash For Cars will be the first name that comes to mind in Brooklyn, NY. If you need cash for clunkers, we are the ones to call.